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About Me

I photograph unusual, unexpected, stunning people, places, things. I like to find the extraordinary in the ordinary by exploring texture, colors, light, point of view. I have always been fascinated by contrasts: of colors, shapes, patterns, textures.

As a photographer I have one foot in the world of film and chemical darkrooms (I got my first SLR camera, a Nikkormat, in high school) and another (much more recently placed!) in the world of digital imaging. I am fascinated with how these two perspectives simultaneously inform each other and yet can be so different.

Film photography and doing my own processing and printing in chemical “wet” darkrooms gave me an appreciation for the nuances of B&W photography and gray scales , the importance of light and texture and the brilliance of Ansel Adams in pushing the medium to its limits. I also was captivated by the art of making physical prints: by the magic of watching an image appear from nowhere on a piece of blank paper immersed in a tray of clear liquid, and the effect different kinds of photo paper could produce.

When I left school and lost access to convenient darkrooms, life got in the way and photography fell by the wayside, camera and lenses consigned to a drawer…and there they stayed for decades.

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, I experimented with emerging point-and-shoot digital cameras (from a cell phone to point-and-shoot Nikon and Kodak models). While the technology was a marvel, I was frustrated by the experience which lacked the artistry and craft of my film days. I also had no idea what to do with all the digital images piling up on computer disks.

The spark was re-ignited for real when I finally got a serious digital camera, serious photo editing software, and not long after that a serious photo printer. Today I shoot in RAW format with my Sony a7R-II, I edit images using Capture One, and I make my own prints. For prints I use a professional-grade 10-color Epson printer with archival quality inks and I print on Fine Art quality papers. I am a firm believer that producing/having a physical print done on fine art quality papers is an integral part of the art and experience of photography for both the photographer and the audience.

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